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Carly Macfarlane - Senior Physiotherapist

Niche Physio & Pilates

Hi, I’m Carly.

Carly Macfarlane

Co-Director / Principal Physiotherapist / Polestar Pilates® Clinical Instructor

Director and Co-Founder of Niche Physio and Pilates, Carly has a passion for helping people get better and to achieve their goals. She believes we can always be better than what we are.

20 years ago, Carly began her movement journey working with inpatient stroke and head injury patients. She analysed movement and used different therapy techniques to normalise malfunctioning patterns. Venturing back into private practice, she saw similarities in abnormal movement patterns generated from people being in pain or following injury. Even when the pain stimulus has resolved, often movement patterns do not normalise, and this can trigger ongoing pain and dysfunction.

Carly underwent her Polestar Pilates training in 2007, and now uses the Pilates method with Pilates equipment to assist in normal movement. Carly has set-up two Clinical Pilates studios attached to physiotherapy clinics, one in Sydney and one in North Perth.

Carly uses a combination of ‘hands-on’ and exercise therapy to help her clients, having also completed a certificate in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy. She has a vast range of clinical experience treating chronic back and neck pain, post-operative patients, workers compensation and whiplash. If you are suffering from chronic pain or are seeking to begin your rehabilitation journey, book in to see Carly!

If you get her talking, which is not hard, you’ll find out she has two young boys with a constant flow of stories about their latest antics. She also loves to trail run and surf in her spare time.

BSc (Physiotherapy) – Curtin University, Polestar Pilates® Clinical Instructor, APAM

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