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Explain ‘Pain’

Niche Physio & Pilates

Pain can be quite complex, particularly in the case of chronic pain when the nervous system is constantly ramped up and stimulated. Acute and sub-acute pain can be days, weeks or sometimes months.

It usually involves damage to structural tissues such as a sprained ankle or a muscle strain. It generally resolves with time, physiotherapy, medication, and exercise prescription.

Chronic pain is a little more complicated. It becomes less about structure and more about the multifaceted biopsychosocial model and the nervous system as a whole. The longer you feel pain, the worse pain can be perceived. The brain is very good at telling us ‘I’m in pain’ and ‘movement is painful.’ This is where retraining your neural pathways, a little thing called neuroplasticity, in addition to paced exercise and movement, is how you learn to cope with chronic pain, and in some cases resolve painful stimuli. It’s important to address all factors of your life when resolving your pain journey, and we are here to help! Below is a very helpful 5-minute video explaining pain and its effect on the body as a whole.